GW52 software and set-up
The GW52 has no SD-card to transfer the recoreded data for further evaluation. The internally stored
data can only be accessed by the Windows tool GW52Util provided by Locosys together with a driver
software fort he USB-interface.
1. On a Windows PC (or under Windows under MacOSX, see point 8 below ) get the latest version of
both GW52Util and the USB drivers from the Locosys-website (


2. First, download, unpack and install the USB-driver (there are two versions, one for 32 bit and one
for 64 bit Windows systems). After successful installation connect your GW52 to a USB-port of your
computer. In the Windows Device Manager you can then see the virtual COM-port oft he GW52:


3. Now unpack and install the GW52Util tool (default installation path is C:\LOCOSYS\GW52Util).
After successful instalaltion go the install-folder and start GW52Util or double-click the desktop icon:


4. After starting the program the USB-ports are scanned for the GW52 and COM3 is selected
automatically, click Connect:


5. If you have already changed the Settings, they will be downloaded from the GW52 and displayed:


If you want to change the settings you can do so under the Settings-tab:
5.1 type your Username into the corresponding field and click Update
5.2 the LOGGING frequency should be set to 5Hz for best accuracy. Due to the limited internal
memory of the GW52 (129.024 points), about 7 hours above MIN SPEED can be recorded at 5Hz. At
1Hz about 36 hours counld be recorded above MIN SPEED, but then the battery lifetime is the
limiting factor.
5.3 set the MIN SPEED to 3 knots (units apply – NM) to avoid recording and cluttering oft he limited
memory during walking or standing periods.
5.4 UNIT: NM = nautical miles = knots. The UNITs are used for MIN SPEED, SPD GENIE and display.
5.5. GMT: time zone relative to Greenwich Mean Time.
5.6. SPEED AVG: duration of the averaged speed (10S)
5.7. SPD GENIE: minimum speed to determine the start and end of a valid run (UNITs apply).
5.8: display settings ACTION SPD (actual SPEED or NV AVG), SPD FONT size (SMALL or BIG), SPD
HISTORY (OFF or ON), and SCROLL SEC interval between differnt display items.
Finally click Update to transfer the changed settings tot he GW52.